First, take time to watch the shows and review sample on-air segments so you’re familiar with the format before pitching.

Then, please complete the form below. It’s preferable to wait for us to request samples, based on the form you submit, since we do not need to see products if the pitch is not an ideal fit for what we do.

Because of the high volume of unsolicited packages we receive each day, we cannot return items unless specified. If you are shipping product samples that you’d like returned, please include a preprinted prepaid RETURN LABEL with specific instructions for our team.

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Mark it to Tory Johnson with DEALS PITCH on the label or exterior box
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Thanks for your interest in Deals & Steals!
IMPORTANT NOTE: There is absolutely no third party (PR firm, placement agency, curators or otherwise) that can “guarantee” inclusion of your product in this segment. I personally review all products to decide if it’s a proper fit for the segment. Anyone is welcome to pitch products directly to me; you’re never required to go through a third party.

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