Soy Delicious

I spotted Soy Delicious candles at the Ritz Carlton spa on Amelia Island during a family vacation in Florida.The packaging and scent caught my eye. After buying one and burning it at home, I was hooked. I reached out to the company directly — and here’s what the company says happened when I featured the line. –Tory

What an amazing experience! Who would of imagined that from a 30 second a spot on GMA Deals and Steals we would have the busiest 5 days of our history in business! The amount of candles we sold in that 24 hour period was epic!

In the days leading into the air date we pulled together as a team and had to enlist the help of friends and new hires to help pack candles and prepare shipments. What we thought would be temporary helpers have turned out to be permanent employees. A testament to the growth we have experienced and we will continue to experience. A true blessing! Our hard work has paid off in a huge way.

We had no idea if the segment would lead to a successful day in sales but we prepared and hoped for the best. As the day started and the sales came in we were in awe by the amount of orders.  It’s a humbling experience; amazing to see our product receive the brand recognition we’ve strived to achieve!

Printing all the shipping labels and actually seeing all the boxes being picked up by FedEx was surreal! A task we we would have never accomplished without the help of our amazing staff…Team Soy Delicious.

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