When I made the Shift, I cut a weekly habit: Chinese food on Wednesdays, the night before my weekly Good Morning America segments.734474_10151600566256081_598293879_n-290x290

A couple of months into it, I noticed something extraordinary: because that big, unhealthy meal was off the table, I no longer woke up on Thursday feeling so terrible, both emotionally and physically. I practically sprang out of bed when the alarm buzzed.

How else could I tee up my Wednesdays so that I’d feel my best for Thursday’s GMA spot? I began by not taking any cabs on Wednesday, which meant I logged four or five miles walking.  What the Shift had done for my waistline was nothing compared to what it was doing to my confidence.  I knew that I was a strong person. Turns out, I was stronger.

Anyone can do this. Think of a day when the pressure is really on you. Maybe it’s Fridays when you volunteer at your kids’ school or have a regular meeting for a charity. It could be Mondays when you have a staff meeting with coworkers who view life as a glass half empty. Perhaps it’s Sunday-night dinner with your perennially critical sister.

Use the Shift to bring positive energy to those interactions. The day before, give yourself just a little bit more of what you know makes you feel good— for me, it started with extra exercise and even healthier eating. For others, it may be downloading a ten- minute meditation from iTunes or walking out at lunchtime to splurge on a manicure.