551273_10151511202241081_1129035419_n-290x290The women in my office eat all day, everyday. They start planning what to have for lunch at breakfast. By mid afternoon, there are frozen yogurt runs and cookies magically appear. Of course I want to join them, and there was a time when I did. But now I say no.

I use a little trick that I’ve come to rely on: I get up and take a walk around the block. For years, I never moved from my desk between lunch and when I left for the day. Now I frequently take a fifteen or twenty-minute walk in the neighborhood and find that just getting up and moving gives me the same little afternoon boost that an Oreos bender would have before.

More often than not, when I return to my desk the cravings are gone. I tell myself that the momentary pleasure I’d get from binging on sweets isn’t worth the pain of seeing the needle move to the right on the scale. I can’t bear the agony of knowing that I have let myself down— again.