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Every Thursday on ABC’s Good Morning America, I lead the popular “Deals & Steals” segment in which I feature five brands with great products at an exclusive discount for one day only. 

Viewers are introduced to phenomenal stuff at unbeatable savings, which has made “Deals & Steals” must-watch appointment TV.

The benefits for businesses are enormous:

  • High-visibility national exposure to millions of viewers on the #1 network morning show
  • Significant one-day sales 
  • Extensive new customer acquisition 
  • Increased product awareness at retail and tremendous loyalty for future sales 

I’m always on the hunt—literally every single day—for the greatest products.  I love meeting business owners and hearing about—and seeing—really good stuff.   

So if you manufacture a product that my viewers would love, here’s some advice on what to do:

You can’t pitch effectively if you’ve never seen the segment.  You can find it here:

My viewers are predominantly women who love to treat themselves to great stuff.  The most popular categories include jewelry, bags and accessories; kitchen and home; personalized products; beauty and personal care devices; tech accessories; holiday gifts for everyone.  Seasonal products are important throughout the year. 

I require a minimum discount of 50% off the current lowest selling price. This isn’t solely the MSRP; it’s actual pricing in the marketplace.  Viewers expect exceptional value.  I’ve featured deals from $5 to $750.  The sweet spot is under $50 since this is a fun treat.  

Deep inventory is essential, as the segment generates thousands of sales, not hundreds.  This means hand-made items or one-of-a-kind products do not work.  You must be able to prove that your inventory is in-stock and ready to ship before a segment airs.  Robust fulfillment and high-volume customer service capacity is also required.  Final sales/no returns is not permitted—if a viewer isn’t happy with her purchase, she must be able to return it.

In just one or two sentences—which is only 10 to 15 seconds—you should be able to tell me what this is and why it’s so hot.  What purpose does it serve? What are the key benefits? Has it received any impressive media coverage?  Why would someone choose to buy it right now?

Ways to Wow Me

  • Make it clear that you’ve watched the segment and are very familiar with how it works.  
  • Briefly—clearly, concisely, confidently—tell me about the product and why it’s hot for my specific audience. Brevity is critical: I have less than three minutes of airtime to sell five deals.  So if you need 10 minutes to explain your product to me, it’s a no-go.  
  • Share any notable distribution—big box retailers, luxury department stores, number of boutiques—along with available inventory.  
  • Tell me about any impressive media coverage: has it been an Oprah favorite? Were you on Shark Tank? I’m also interested in your social following.
  • Robust collections are better than a single item. For example, if you manufacture candles, I can’t consider a single scent. I’d want to see the range of scents available.  The same applies for multiple colors and patterns.
  • Since sizing can be tricky, I favor earrings, necklaces and bracelets over rings.  I won’t feature items that are couture sizing or limited sizing.
  • Broad appeal is better than an unusual item.  For example, I wouldn’t feature dog collars that are designed for one breed, nor would one backpack style work. I need a collection that looks impressive on TV—and excites the viewers at home.

Most importantly, this segment is not designed to give a fledgling business a shot at success.  First and foremost, my purpose is to serve viewers with really great stuff and an exceptional purchasing experience.   So if you’re in prototype stage or you’ve never sold a single unit, this is not for you.  I want to see a track record of success.  That doesn’t mean your product must be on the cover of a magazine or sold in every Target; it means experience with manufacturing, fulfillment and customer service are key.

Sorry—some categories are off-limits:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, weapons
  • Nutritional supplements of any kind—shakes, pills, powders, etc
  • Beauty products that boast unrealistic or unsubstantiated claims
  • Homemade items or one-of-a-kind items that are handmade
  • Religious messages
  • Bathroom humor or anything with curse words
  • Liquidations, closeouts, old inventory


Come see me in person to pitch at these events—and be sure to bring a sample for me to see, not keep:

Submit your pitch online here.

*Keep in mind:  submitting or pitching your product for consideration by no means guarantees a spot on TV. Even if you believe that you meet the stated criteria, there are absolutely no promises for inclusion in the segment. That is a final editorial judgment that is made based on a variety of factors including themes, product mixes, category performance and much more.