image1Last week was rough.  I gave up coffee cold turkey. Not because I have any problem with caffeine. I love coffee. But I only like it with cream. When I drink four (if I’m being honest, even five) iced coffees a day, that’s a ridiculous amount of cream.

Hundreds of Facebook comments encouraged me to go black, try almond milk, switch to tea or just have one a day.  Moderation doesn’t come easily to me, so quitting made more sense.

image2After three days of intense headaches and very bad moods, I felt good again.  I toughed it out and it worked.  I don’t know how long this will last because I dream of sipping a hot cappuccino on a frigid winter day, but for now this no-cream kick is working out just fine.

Good reminder: change is tough, but we’re tougher.  It’s possible to bust through a rough patch. The last few days have brought a bunch of other great lessons:

I got rave reviews for my interview with  Robin Roberts at the Texas Conference for Women.  I’ve known my GMA colleague for so many years, which allows me to bring out her very best for the audience.  We ended the session by asking everyone to stand and shout out one of Robin’s favorite phrases:  “When fear knocks, let faith answer the door.”

Another lesson:  If you’ll be sitting on stage in front of 7,000 women, test your dress while seated to make sure it’s not ridiculously short. (I inadvertently skipped that step but got the clear message from hundreds of social posts!)

image3 Use your voice.  Vistaprint hosted a phenomenal pitch session where attendees in Texas could share their products for potential inclusion in a future Deals & Steals segment.  Speak up and share your creations any chance you get.

I flew from Austin to Boston for parents weekend at my kids’ colleges.  I had a day filled with long-distance frustrations and disappointments at work on a major  project.  After one maddening early-morning phone call in my hotel room, I opened the blinds to see this.



When I saw my girl, she showered with me kisses that instantly turned my frown upside down.  My day improved big time from there as image5other interesting business calls came my way.  Perhaps the universe was showing me again that work can be tough, but I’m tougher.

Tell me the lessons you’ve learned lately and how you’re going to make this a phenomenal week!