It’s never too late to pursue better.

That’s one of the big themes I share in SHIFT FOR GOOD.  It’s not just a clever line or some empty mantra. It’s the real deal that I discovered in a deliberate search for true contentment and deep joy — the kind that can’t be measured by the number on a scale, size of a paycheck or title on a business card.


It’s a feeling deep inside–you know it when it hits you.  It makes you smile for no reason.  It adds a bounce in your step.  You’re not even tempted to hit snooze because you’re excited for the day ahead.


I’m not particularly religious, but I seem to be getting many signs from the universe that I’m onto something extraordinary with this whole SHIFT movement.


I recently got an email from Grace Freeman in Atlanta.  She wrote:
I am sure Tory is getting so many of these messages, but her first book literally changed my life.  It is marked up and dogeared – I cannot wait on the next book.  I ordered it today. Please thank Tory for me!
Of course I thanked her for writing–and asked for more.  Grace went on to say:
I’m not sure how I first heard about The Shift. I have been a GMA addict since the 1970s, so I’ve watched you on this show. I bought the book in September 2013; I use the receipt as a bookmark. So many things in the book could be words I wrote. The idea of not going to the doctor because I was too fat: that was ME!  I finally made myself go to my doctor in January 2014. I walked out of that appointment, crying in the elevator, knowing something had to change.

I started eating better, eliminating sugar and white stuff.  Sound familiar?  I have read and reread your book. 

I wish you could see my copy of your first book. It is so “loved on.”  

It has been such an encouragement. I have just passed the 95 pounds lost mark and began training for my first half marathon on Thanksgiving morning.  My entire life has been transformed.   

I had so many happy tears for Grace–look at her incredible transformation.  She looks young, healthy, vibrant–and oh-so-happy.


Moments later, I received this email from Grace’s husband Bob.

Tory –

I have hijacked my wife’s email and she doesn’t know it.  I’ve got to tell you how incredibly proud I am of this woman!

Between 2006 – 2013 our lives were overwhelmed with caring for others…we failed to care for ourselves.  During that time we lost 5 significant members of our immediate family.  It was an overwhelming time of our lives, as you can imagine.

During that time we were raising our own boys – both of whom are now in college and our nest is empty as of last Wednesday!

I have to be honest to say that during this time, marriage was a struggle…we didn’t care for ourselves or for our relationship.

Between the overwhelming nature of life, a relationship that was struggling and weight issues that were out of control, we didn’t know what tomorrow would bring.

And then she discovered The Shift! And shared it with me!

Last January 2014 Grace announced it was time to take care of ourselves!  I was on board without reservation.  She has lost almost 95 pounds.  I have lost over 60 pounds and reached my goal!  And our lives and relationship are better than ever.

Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story.  Thank you for allowing us to share your journey – and to share our journey with you!

It’s a Good Life!

Bob Freeman

They did it–Grace and Bob, individually and together, set out to change.


They could have leaned on any number of crutches–caring for family members, death of loved ones, the impending empty nest, marital woes and more. They could’ve thrown in the towel, saying that at ages 54 and 58, they were too old to change.shift for good


Instead, they took control.  They both accepted that change is possible–and they knew their health and happiness was worth fighting for one day at a time.


It’s so much more than weight.  And that’s what my new book, SHIFT FOR GOOD, is all about.  Yes, I share all of the weight stuff–losing it and hustling to keep it off–but this time I go deeper.  Much deeper.


SHIFT FOR GOOD is about whole life contentment. It’s about finding lasting joy for myself while also serving others.   Hope you’ve ordered your copy and that you’ll join our growing (while shrinking) community to SHIFT FOR GOOD.