945326_10151693539911081_1703341439_n-290x385What kept me from making the Shift until now? Whenever I’ve thought about changing my future, I’ve let my past weigh me down.

If you’ve always been overweight like I have, or been fat for many years, it’s quite a hurdle to envision living any other way. The difficulty of fixing it— fathoming even where to start— just seems too high.

These memories still haunt me even though I am committed to my Shift and, at times, the weight of the past threatens to derail me. I’ve hidden behind the same habits and excuses for years. I blamed my parents for making me fat and allowing me to become addicted to overeating. I blamed McDonald’s for serving fattening burgers and fries. I blamed my compulsive eating on the mean kids in school, sadistic gym teachers, and even the cruel president of NBC News who fired me without warning by saying, “Tory, it’s a big world out there and I suggest you go explore it.”

I’m sick of dodging the blame and pinning excuses for my actions on other people and situations. I can see now how I let the comfort of complacency carry me from fragile teenager to forty-one-year-old adult, and how easy it

would be to stay the course for another month or year, just as I have my whole life.

But I can’t. I won’t. Now, as I make this simple shift in my thinking, what once seemed daunting suddenly becomes much more doable and manageable.