Instead of practicing constant denial, fitness expert Mandy Ingber, author of Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover, gives herself one small, daily treat.

Mandy-Ingber-150x150“When I used to yo-yo diet, it was a constant punishment/reward cycle,” she says. “But sometimes allowing it makes it less taboo.” It’s all about choices. “If I want a few bites of chocolate mousse, you won’t see me eating a pizza first. I will start with a large salad. It’s usually best to start with the healthy foods first. Then if you are still craving the treat, you can have it. It’s about conscious, mindful eating. Also, I may crave something really off the charts and if I am still craving it three days later, I have it. I’m not hard on myself the way I used to be, so when I go off my normal habits  (last night I had pizza and brownies), I don’t punish myself the next day. I simply return to my normal healthy habits.”

Figure out what works for you and not against you. For some women, a small daily treat will derail them. For others, it’s just what they need to keep themselves on track. Figure it out and be happy with your choice.