I first spotted Feeling Smitten in the spa shop at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando over Christmas. The bright packaging caught my eye among a sea of same-old stuff.  Weeks later when I walked the aisles of the Atlanta Gift Show, Feeling Smitten’s booth was packed. I reached to feature a wide assortment of the body bakery’s fun scrubs, salts. bombs and more on Deals & Steals because I had a good feeling my viewers would love it.

Here’s how Ian Stephens, whose title is Co-Owner and Major Mancake, says it all worked out.

Thanks for the busiest week in the history of Feeling Smitten! A while back when we were one of Oprah’s favorite things it was a month long process. This was SIGNIFICANTLY larger and for an order window of just 24 hours it was breathtaking! 

We summoned every Smitten team member (boyfriends too) that we could muster and were soon buried in a deluge of boxes. Thanks to the amazing ladies of The Cupcake Cottage our FedEx driver now knows that he can fit 500 boxes in his truck at a time. When the last box was carried out we played the Hallelujah Chorus on our stereo and celebrated over 2800 fulfilled orders! This record should stand for a while…or at least until Tory is ready to have us back for an encore 🙂  

Response from customers has been spectacular with dozens already having placed re-orders and many more planning to do the same. We will be feeling the GMA ripple effect for some time and we’re so grateful for Tory and her spectacular crew for helping make this happen for us!


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