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Liz Lange: ‘When I’m Starving I Lose All Self Control’

Maternity retail pioneer Liz Lange says she does her best to never get too hungry because “when I’m starving I lose all self control.” To stay ahead of hunger, she won’t deprive herself of foods she likes. “I’d rather eat a small portion of pasta (which I love) than a big bowl of salad, for

Barbara Corcoran: Ditch the Junk and Set Your Mouth on Fire

“I don’t keep junk food in the house,” says Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, the ultra-thin real estate mogul who works out three days a week. “Once I get a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Heath Bar Crunch in my fridge, I can’t think of anything but that pint sitting and waiting for me in the

Julie Chen: I Will Not Waste Time Letting Out My Pants!

As moderator of CBS’ Emmy-nominated daytime talk show The Talk, host of Big Brother, the CBS summer reality show and wife of CBS chairman Leslie Moonves, Julie Chen can afford to buy any clothes she wants. But when it comes to maintaining her weight, Chen says what motivates her is the thought of having to

Cynthia Good: Look to Other Cultures for Inspiration

Cynthia Good, who founded Little Pink Book, a top digital resource for career  women, had an eating disorder in college and as a result decided that she would never again obsess about food. “I try to focus on eating what is healthy and delicious. I look to other counties for inspiration – where people are the healthiest

Nicole Lapin: Push Yourself- You’re Stronger Than You Think

Nicole Lapin, a former CNN/CNBC/Bloomberg anchor who left the networks to launch her own production company, has always hated exercise — a work out to her “was when walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes. I didn’t break a sweat, didn’t really feel the difference after, and hated every minute.  But, I just wanted to check

Amanda Steinberg: The Way I Look Powers Me

Amanda Steinberg went from 160 to 120 pounds by living life the way she wanted to versus focusing on losing weight. In the process she realized her hungers had to do with desire, not food. “My dramatic weight loss came when I finally moved into alignment with how I really wanted to live my life,”

The Shift on GMA!

Check out Robin Roberts and Tory on Good Morning America talking all about THE SHIFT! Tory shares her story and the tips that made her personal SHIFT so successful. Take a look and get inspired to start your own Shift.

Fresh Frozen Berry Pops!

As everyone around me devours ice cream on hot, humid weekends, I’ve been in search of the perfect thirst quencher that works best for me. Today I created it. I also attempted my first Vine video of the process, which has a mini blip on my freezer shot. I’ll work on my shooting techniques while

Sky High Snacks to Stay on Track

When packing for a trip, your suitcase shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind. It’s easy to let a day of travel derail your diet with low-nutrient, high-calorie foods. Thinking ahead makes it easier to stay on track. Steer away from empty calories (you can find those in a vending machine) and instead, pack

12 Ways to Avoid Diet Derailments

Let’s face it, it’s easy to derail your diet by indulging in that deliciously decadent chocolate cake or binging on a whole bag of potato chips, especially after a stressful day. Here are some tricks for kicking junk food to the curb and avoiding choices that will only leave you disappointed and frustrated. 1. Drink

Elizabeth Vargas: Keep Your Purpose Top of Mind

While in college, ABC News anchor Elizabeth Vargas gained the sophomore 30–not the freshman 15. On the drive home that spring with her brother, he secretly called their parents to warn them that “Beth is fat.” She dropped the weight over the next few years and has never looked back. “As I have gotten older, and

Fighting the Good Fight

In our plus-sized society, let’s face it: many of us have a really tough time losing weight.  Take Linda Descano, who leads social media marketing for Citi’s U.S. consumer businesses as president and CEO of Citi’s Women & Co. initiative.   “I’ve been on a ‘waist management’ plan for as long as I can remember,”