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Say No When Everyone Says Yes

The women in my office eat all day, everyday. They start planning what to have for lunch at breakfast. By mid afternoon, there are frozen yogurt runs and cookies magically appear. Of course I want to join them, and there was a time when I did. But now I say no. I use a little


At lunch one day my friend notices that I’m not wolfing down my food like he is. “I’m eating,” I protest, essentially telling him to chill. But what I’m really doing is picking. I’ve become an expert picker, especially in social settings— moving pieces around the plate and from side to side instead of shoveling

5 Ways To Retrain Your Brain

1) Visualize Your Success I don't mean to sound hokey but if you have no idea what success in your weight loss endeavor is supposed to look like, how will you be able to measure or even gauge whether you're making progress? Be concise and specific in your visualization and write it down so you

Have YOU Made It?

The text after midnight from a friend simply said, "You know you've made it when your book is on Jimmy Kimmel's Unnecessary Censorship segment. Congrats!" Take a look: Some days I feel like I've made it when I close a big sale or when I make it through a really tough workout. I feel like

Nail Polish— My Diet Savior?

The first few months— the hardest period in any kind of Shift — is finding distractions. I remember a late night in early February when everyone in the house was asleep and I was frustrated with a project that wasn’t going as well as planned. I was also exhausted— a dangerous combination for a food

Shaking Up Your Routine

When I made the Shift, I cut a weekly habit: Chinese food on Wednesdays, the night before my weekly Good Morning America segments. A couple of months into it, I noticed something extraordinary: because that big, unhealthy meal was off the table, I no longer woke up on Thursday feeling so terrible, both emotionally and

24 Ways to Boost Your Energy …Now!

1. Eat live foods…you’ll feel more alive. 2. Take a brisk walk. Ten minutes equals two hours of energy. Woweeee! 3. Drink up… water that is. 4. Write a thank you note or start a gratitude journal. 5. Lighten your load. Declutter for a few minutes. 6. Rub peppermint cream on your feet. 7. Eat

No Room For Moderation

When I think back to all the difficult but worthwhile things I’ve done in my life— bouncing back from being fired and launching conferences that draw thousands of women each year— none of it was handed to me. Nobody gave me any breaks. I made my own luck and would never have accomplished any of

Move Over, Kimye!

Look who’s in the new issue of PEOPLE magazine!

Are You Really Ready— or Half-Assed Ready to Shift?

A friend who enjoys her cocktails says she wants to make the Shift. I ask her if she is willing to give up wine. “No, I don’t think I can go without my white wine at night,” she says. So much for her being serious about losing weight. I think of is how many times

Shift Scent

If you’ve read the book or you’ve heard me speak, you know I am strongly opposed to weekly cheat days. Rewarding healthy eating with the bad food choices that made me fat is akin to an alcoholic celebrating a month of sobriety with a few beers. It’s flawed and it doesn’t work. But a girl’s

Brittany’s Brave Shift

Brittany bravely recorded this message to Tory Johnson -- and to YOU -- about her moment of shifting. Watch, listen and then cheer Brittany with us. Check out Brittany's website at www.theprudentpatron.com