Soy Delicious

I spotted Soy Delicious candles at the Ritz Carlton spa on Amelia Island during a family vacation in Florida.The packaging and scent caught my eye. After buying one and burning it at home, I was hooked. I reached out to the company directly — and here’s what the company says happened when I featured the line. –Tory…

Date Night

I’m back on HSN and Emma is taking over my twitter

My baby, the telemarketer

When my son announced he was getting a job, I never imagined it would involve telemarketing

Rustic Cuff and Me

Rustic Cuff–fun, smart, sophisticated arm candy


Getting my own TV show on HSN has been a long-term dream

Are you listening?

What we learned at The Atlanta Gift Show at AmericasMart


Record day for Brooklyn-based cutting boards

Fear, Frustration + One Short Dress 

My day at the Texas Conference for Women

Dream (Wedding) Deal

David’s Bridal WOWs this bride

Spark & Hustle 2015

Attendees declare their next gutsy move

“Fat Shamer?” — No Way

The first time I was called a fat shamer

Grace + Bob’s SHIFT

A couple inspired to pursue better