A friend who enjoys her cocktails says she wants to make the Shift. I ask her if she is willing to give up wine.

“No, I don’t think I can go without my white wine at night,” she says.

So much for her being serious about losing weight.

I think of is how many times I walked in her shoes, desperate to lose those forty- five pounds but basically indifferent— numb, in fact— to the sacrifice it would take to do it. How until this year I had never considered that I’d have to put anything and everything on the line— all the goodies I had enjoyed my entire life— to make the Shift.

I have nothing against people who enjoy wine, beer, or spirits— it’s about

a unwillingness to put everything edible on the table and up for grabs. Until I embraced that concept— really wrapped my head around it— I was always doomed to fail.

You can’t begin this journey until you’re ready— really ready, not half- assed ready. Significant change is daunting, but doing it often comes down to preference or priority. My preference—hands down— is to eat what ever I want, whenever I want, just like my friend wants to be able to have her wine or cocktails every night. But my priority is to lose a lot of weight, which means it must always trump my cravings and food preference.

When it comes down to it, the question is: What is your priority and what are you willing to forgo to achieve it?