I know I love everything I choose to put on TV and I always hope that my viewers love it too.  Next to serving my viewers, a big bonus is the impact that this segment has on small business owners nationwide.  I featured AHeirloom, which manufactures cutting boards in the shape of each state.  Ideal for serving cheese or other simple foods.  The response from one of the owners after the segment is worth sharing.  Here you go:

A.Heirloom 01
The Tory Johnson Deals & Steals effect was full force on our sales day!


The night before we ran the numbers in our heads over and over…thinking well, we have had the good fortune to be on TV in the past…it was a great experience, we sold a ton of cutting boards.  But then our GMA appearance happened and we watched our predictions double, then triple and finally quadruple–we knew it was going to be a groundbreaking moment.


We finally had to shut down our site in order to get through the mountain of orders: 4,700 orders in a matter of 4 hours. SOLD OUT!  We can’t describe the feeling as we have worked day after day to get our product out in the world. There A.Heirloom 02are great opportunities along the way, however nothing compares to the kind of brand ambassador that Tory Johnson is.  Tory made some hardworking small business owner’s yearly sales dreams come true in one day.

The entire team was on the job as each of our boards is made to order. We are now in touch with an entirely new customer base.  They have been patient, kind and generous with us as we get everything out the door.  The GMA Deals & Steals viewers are an incredible group of people who care about small business. We can’t thank Tory and her incredible team for getting us in the door and sharing their fans with us!


As we watch the re-orders come in and the pre-orders for the holiday season, we feel confident and strong.  Thank you so much for this historic moment. We are so grateful!


Amy Stringer-Mowat