1. Eat live foods…you’ll feel more alive.

2. Take a brisk walk. Ten minutes equals two hours of energy. Woweeee!

3. Drink up… water that is.

4. Write a thank you note or start a gratitude journal.

5. Lighten your load. Declutter for a few minutes.

6. Rub peppermint cream on your feet.

7. Eat a banana … excellent source of potassium, magnesium, fiber, & more.

8. Follow your heart … with gusto.

9. Take a yummy nap.

10. Learn a new skill.

11. Share a green smoothie with a friend.

12. Buy yourself flowers.

13. Take a yoga, pilates, or tai chi class.

14. Hug your pet.

15. Pack a pick-me-up. (A handful of nuts & a small apple are a great combo.)

16. Read something inspirational.

17. Practice a random act of kindness.

18. Forgive.

19. Sing and/or dance. Repeat often.

20. Take a baby step on a huge project.

21. Wear orange – it relieves fatigue and enhances creativity.

22. Enjoy a manicure, pedicure, or a massage.

23. Lift weights … it will lift your mood too.

24. Say “no” more often.

Health and wellness educator, Syd Hoffman travels the globe to help people, of all ages, tweak what they eat and how they move, to feel more energetic. Her award-winning book, All-Day Energy: 100 Ways to Boost Your Energy…Now!” will add zip to your step and joy to your day. When she is not teaching, she is hiking tall mountains, practicing yoga, or dancing with her dreamy husband.